Roller Shade Accessories

Upgrade Your Shade and Eliminate Movement and Noise from Rattling Hem Rails

By incorporating magnets into the MCD hem rail, movement and noise is virtually eliminated while the vehicle is in motion and the shade is lowered. With added bar magnets to both ends of the hem rail and round magnets under the window frame, window shades will now hold close to the window for curved wall applications. 

Magnetic Hold Add-On Features Include:

  • Eliminates movement when shade is lowered and vehicle is in motion
  • Holds shade close to the window for curved wall applications
  • Easy to install design including hardware
  • Available for duo and solo manual shades with external hem rail
  • Hem rail magnets can come factory installed



Part Numbers and Pricing 

Solo Magnetic Kit MHS $16.00
Duo Magnetic Kit MHD $21.00

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