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MCD Windshield Shade Upper and Lower Limit Adjustment (2007 - 2017)

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Please Read the Directions in its Entirety Before Performing the Adjustments

NOTE: Never manually roll either the day or the night shade onto the roller tube. This can potentially destroy the motor assembly in the tube and it will void your warranty. If either shade will not go up after trying to reprogram them, start at the bottom of the shade material and roll the shade onto itself all the way up to the tube and fasten it with a bungee cord, rope or another securing device. Call MCD Tech Support for assistance: 800-804-1757.

To Program the Shade

  1. Locate the Learning Key (button) for the shade you want to set the limits for. The button will be on the motor side of the shade where the power wires go into the unit. The button is attached to a small gray wire set. Turn your ignition key switch on. You will now set the upper limit and middle limit of the shade, above your eye level. This is called the “ignition on” setting. NOTE: You may need two people for this adjustment depending on where the buttons and switches are located.
  2. Push the Learning Key (button) ON and, at the same time, push the dash mounted shade rocker switch you use to put that shade up or down. Push the rocker switch so the shade travels “up” if it is in the down position or “down” if the shade is in the up position. Release first the rocker switch and then the learning button after you hear a series of at least three beeps. You are now in the learning mode. You will not use the learning button to perform any functions after this, only the rocker switches.
  3. NOTE: Sometimes the programming Learning Key will become lost or disconnected from the gray learning wire at the motor end of the shade. If that is the case, you can perform this shade adjustment by touching the metal tips of the two ends of the gray wires together. This will simulate pushing the learning button on. You can also use a small paper clip and stick the ends of the clip into the wire end spade connections.
  4. Press the same dash button in the same direction you were just going (either up or down) and hold it until it gets close to the upper or lower limit you want the shade to be set at. Release the dash button. You can now “bump” the shade button in the same direction of travel by repeatedly pushing it until you get it to the limit position you desire. Reverse the shade direction (up or down) from the direction you were initially moving the shade and do not release the button until the shade reaches the other limit you want to set. You will first hear one to three beeps before the shade travels in the opposite direction. This indicates that that limit has been set.
  5. NOTE: This adjustment is for ignition ON so be sure you set your lower limit above your eye level. This is a safety feature and the shade should NOT go all the way to the dash with the ignition key switch on. The lower limit must not block your view of the road on either the day or night shade.
  6. You can now once again “bump” the shade in the same direction of the desired limit. When there, reverse the shade travel with the dash switch. One to three beeps are heard and the shade will begin traveling that direction. Both limits are now locked in. You can release the rocker switch.
  7. Test the shade limits by pushing the dash switch up to the upper limit and down to the lower limit. If all is well, you can now perform the same adjustment on the other shade (day or night) with the ignition ON if you desire. NOTE: Once the ignition ON settings is changed, you MUST reset the limits for the Ignition Off settings. Changing the adjustments in one mode affects the other mode.

Setting the shade limits with the ignition OFF

The procedure is the same as above, but with the ignition off, you can bring either shade totally down to the dash for complete coverage of the windshield when you are parked.

NOTE: If you release the dash button too soon when reversing the direction of the shade and you have a long distance to your stop point limit, the motor will only allow you to “bump” the shade up or down a little at a time. It may be quicker to reverse the direction again, which takes it out of the learning mode and begin the procedure all over again (item #2 above) by holding both buttons and waiting for the beeps.

Programming at a Glance

  • Turn the coach ignition ON.
  • Use the correct Learning Key attached to the gray colored wire hanging from the motor end of the shade and push it in while, at the same time, hold the Rocker Switch for that shade in the down position until the shade beeps.
  • Release the Rocker Switch first and then the Learning Key.
  • Continue the same direction with the shade. It will beep and then travel down.
  • Release the rocker about mid-way down the windshield, just so you can see under the shade while driving. This is the lower limit. If you need to go further down, the shade will now “bump” down a bit by pushing and releasing the rocker. You can only bump the shade towards the down position. DO NOT try to go up.
  • Reverse the Rocker Switch, the shade will beep then move. Bring the shade up to where you want it to stop at the upper limit. Again, you can bump it up if needed but not down.
  • Finally, reverse the Rocker Switch once again and go down a few inches and release. This will take the shade motor out of the programming mode.
  • Test the shade by running it down and see if it stops at the lower limit.
  • Test the shade by running it up and see if it stops at the upper limit.
  • If both limits are set, you can now perform the same steps with the ignition OFF. NOTE: With the ignition OFF, be sure to bring the shade down to the dash, not just to the half-way position.

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