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How to Install RV Windshield Shades

MCD Innovations highly recommends that you have your cockpit shades installed at our manufacturing headquarters in McKinney, TX or by one of our factory-trained and certified MCD dealers. However, if you choose to go forward with your own installation please read all of the following information before proceeding. PDF version of Installing the Windshield Shades.

What to Look for When Ordering an MCD Windshield Shade:

In order to install a one-piece windshield shade across the front of the coach, you must have a clear and straight line from your passenger A-pillar cover to your driver A-pillar cover. If you cannot envision a 2”x4” board on edge going across that space, then you will need to modify your cabinetry so you can put a one-piece shade there. The shade assembly dimensions are approximately 2”x4”. The bottom edge of the material will be slightly below the 4” dimension. If you need to have a flap at the bottom of the material, that will increase the drop length below the roller mechanism.

As you Proceed, There are Several Things to Keep in Mind:
  • You must have an accurate measurement, which means removing the A-pillar covers and knowing just how wide you can make the overall shade assembly.
  • Determine which way the material needs to roll off the roller and if you will need to have a stacked or side-by-side mount.
  • When measuring the drop height you will need to see if you require a flap to accommodate the dash hump.
  • Running electric for the ignition wire that allows for a second stop point with ignition on.
  • A-pillar modification may be needed to create a flat surface for the material to roll down on.
  • Trim boards may be needed to cover the roller mechanism once your shades are installed.

A-Pillar Modification:

  • What you want to accomplish with the A-pillar modification is to create a flat surface for the shade to roll down on. Your A-pillars may be different and will need another form of modification.
  • Another option is to build a channel of sorts extending towards the inside of the coach for the shade to roll down on. Some use a stained trim board for a finished look and attach it to the inside of the existing A-pillar cover.

Material Roll Direction:

  • You will have to determine if the shades should roll in towards the coach or if they should roll towards the windshield.
  • You may also consider whether the shade should be a side-by-side mount, with the shades rolling in towards the center of the mechanism.

Determine if you Need an Enclosed Rod or an Enclosed Rod with Flap:

Looking side to side, does the dash hump encroach on that straight line from one side of the front of the A-pillar cover to the other front side?

  • If it does, you will need a flap on the bottom of your shade to allow for some flex to move around the dash hump.
  • If not, you can just use an enclosed rod at the bottom of your windshield shade.

Measuring For Flap Height, If Needed:

  • When you measure your drop, you will measure from where the shade will be mounted down to the top of the dash.
  • For the flap height. Determine where the shade will touch your dash hump. Measure from that point to the top of the flat part of your dash. You will tell us that measurement separately, but it is included in the overall length of the shade.

The Driver, Passenger, and Door Roller Shades:

If you would like to install a full set of MCD Day/Night Roller Shades for the cockpit area of your coach, the driver, passenger, and door shades are available in manual, remote, or switch electric operations.

Below are some things to look for when measuring and ordering shades for the below window locations:

Driver Window:
  • When measuring for the driver window please take into consideration the installation of the windshield shade. You will need to make sure that you do not measure too far forward and run into the windshield shade system.
  • If you have an angled driver window look across the bottom of the window and at the furthest point closest to the windshield look up and see if there is enough room to mount the roller shade mechanism at the top of the driver window.
  • If there is not enough room, you will need to reduce the size of the shade so it will fit across the top.
  • If you have an angled driver window and unable to get full coverage with the roller shade you can create a blackout piece so you can have 100% privacy when needed.
Passenger Window:

MCD recommends that you install two separate shades for the passenger window and the door.

  • MCD offers a Screen Door Pull-Up Shade that mounts to the screen door of your coach. Mounting to the screen door allows you the ability to go in and out of your coach without having to raise and lower your shade.
  • The Pull-Up Shade is available in the MCD Clearview II™ Day screen material or the 100% Privacy/Light Blocking vinyl material.
  • If you purchase a Pull-Up Shade in the MCD Clearview II™ Day Screen Material you will need to purchase a separate Solo Night Shade to use for privacy.

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