Technical Information

Installation Instructions

The American Duo® Day/Night Shade system was designed for an easy installation process. After installing the appropriate number of mounting clips onto the valance, wall, or ceiling, the entire assembly simply snaps into place. All shade assemblies (manual, powered, or combination) use the same physical mounting procedures.

Before you begin the installation, please verify the following:

  1. The valance and/or sideboards, if applicable, are at least 2” deep.
  2. The width of the shade is greater than the window and less than the window valance/sideboard.
  3. You have the correct number of mounting clips and screws to complete the installation for these finished shade assembly sizes:
    • 29” or smaller = 2 clips
    • 30” to 60” = 3 clips
    • 61” and bigger = 4+ clips
    • Full-width windshield shades require 6 clips
  4. If the shades are motorized, an adequate 12 Volt DC power source is available and can be safely routed to the motor wires. If a source of power is not readily available, you may choose to install a small 12 Volt DC sealed battery and charger to operate the shades, or a 120 VAC to 12 VDC converter can be utilized.

NOTE: Installation screws are not provided due to variations in requirements. MCD recommends using #8 pan head sheet metal screws. The most common length is 1” but may vary due to the needs of your particular installation.

Installation Procedures

  1. If the shade assembly is powered, refer to the proper section of this manual for wiring procedures prior to continuing. Once the 12-volt power wires are available, continue the installation starting with Step #2. NOTE: For best results, all clips should be solidly mounted. When mounting to an uneven or padded surface, it may be necessary to use solid spacers to ensure a firm, dependable and level mounting.
  2. For full-width windshield shade installations, install two clips at each end of the shade assembly separated by no more than 1”. This ensures that if an end clip should somehow fail due to improper installation, then the second clip will help prevent the windshield shade from falling. The remaining two clips should be evenly spaced across the middle. Mounting clip tabs should be located toward the outside of the coach.
  3. For window shade installations, begin installation by mounting the clips to the top of the valance, cupboard bottom, or headliner. For best results, the shade should be located as close to the glass as possible (usually 3/8” away from the window frame) while still allowing for unobstructed operation of the shade throughout its entire range of travel (example: the shade should be mounted close the glass, but not so close that it hangs up on the screen door window frame latches when lowered). The outermost clips should be mounted within 2” from the end of the shade assembly. Mounting clip tabs should be located toward the inside of the coach. NOTE: In most American Duo® installations, the Clearview™ solar screen should be located closest to the glass. The night material should be closest to the inside of the coach.
  4. Center the shade assembly, check for proper orientation and attach to the mounting clips. The shade assembly is mounted to the clips by placing the outside edge of the assembly rail into the clips and rotating the shade toward the clip tabs to firmly and solidly snap the mounting rail into place.
  5. Check the following to ensure proper operation of the shade:
    1. The shade must be level. Solid spacers of the appropriate thickness placed under the mounting clips may be necessary
    2. The shade should not bind to anything throughout its entire range of travel.
    3. Proper operation requires clearance around all sides of the shade in the upper position, it should not be rubbing on anything when it is in the upper position.
    4. The shade assembly should be evenly spaced left to right and/or mounted so that it covers as much of the glass as possible when lowered.

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