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How to Clean your MCD Shades

The American Duo® Day/Night Shades assembly is comprised of two roller shades; one with the exclusive MCD Clearview™ Solar Screen material and the other with a 100% blackout night shades. The 100% light blackout shade material also serves as the interior window covering and is available in a variety of price levels, colors, and patterns in both vinyl and cloth. The American Duo® Day/Night Shade is available in a choice of manual, switch electric, and remote electric models as well as combinations thereof, such as a manual solar day shade combined with an electric, remote-controlled light blocking night shade.

Day Shade

Clearview™ Solar Screens should be vacuumed periodically to remove accumulated dust, particularly when traveling in dry, dusty climates. We recommend using your vacuum cleaner’s soft upholstery brush to gently vacuum each shade.

To clean your Clearview™ solar screens, use a sponge or a soft brush and water to remove stuck-on dust and most stains. A mild cleaning solution can be used to remove tougher blemishes. Rinse after cleaning by soaking a clean cloth in fresh water, wringing out any excess and wiping the areas where any cleaner was used – repeat as necessary. Use a towel behind the screen as you clean with a sponge or brush to keep splatter down.

Night Shade

Vinyl blackout shades material will typically clean up nicely with water using a micro-fiber cloth or non-colored paper towel. Wipe down with water after cleaning and dry thoroughly before raising the shade. Fabrics have been Teflon treated and should be cleaned with a damp sponge. For stubborn stains, Woolite brand pet stain remover with oxygen may be used carefully and as directed. After using upholstery cleaner, you should consider reapplying the Teflon treatment by using a ScotchGuard™ brand upholstery protecting spray and following the directions for application on a “lightweight” fabric.

NOTE: be sure the shades are completely dry before rolling them up. They may stick together if you do not let them dry. MCD also recommends spraying ScotchGuard™ (on the cloth fabric shades only) over the area you cleaned if you use a chemical cleaner. This will keep your blackout shades protected from other spills, just like when they come from the MCD factory.

These few simple steps will keep your day/night shades looking and performing like new!

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