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How to Measure for Window Roller Shades

Here is your easy guide to measuring for your custom MCD RV window roller shades

  1. Width - Measure the INSIDE width of the valance as close to the top as possible. Deduct a minimum of 0.5 inches to provide clearance space for installation. (For a shade that is NOT mounted in a valance, provide the exact width of the shade assembly you desire.)
  2. Upper Set Limit - Measure from the mounting location to the point where you prefer the bottom of the shade to stop when it is raised. This upper set limit will be set in the factory. *Minimum for a Duo® Shade is 5 inches and a Solo® Shade is 3.5 inches*
  3. Drop Length - Measure from the mounting location to the bottom of the window frame.

Please note: You will need at least 2 inches of space for the shade to roll freely inside a valance.

More information is provided on the American Duo Roller Shade Order form

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