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Operating Instructions for GlideRise IV™

MCD’s GlideRise IV™ technology is a major advancement in manual, spring roller window shades. They utilize a very high-quality spring roller system and auto-stopping mechanism encased in an aluminum tube. GlideRise IV™ represents a major step forward in quality and innovation. Shades are easily lowered by hand to virtually any position and retracted with a simple touch-n-release motion. MCD’s unique technology allows for a controlled and user-adjustable ascent speed and MCD’s AutoStop™ will stop the shade at a predetermined set-point every time it’s raised. The shade ascent speed and stop point can both be easily changed if desired.

The most exciting and useful feature of MCD’s new GlideRise IV™ technology is the ease of adjustment. Shade spring tension (speed) and shade stop position are now adjusted very easily, while still installed, simply by turning the appropriate adjustment dial at the ends of each shade.

Every shade is delivered already tensioned (Speed) and set to stop at the appropriate upper position (AutoStop™).

GlideRise IV™ AutoStop™ Adjustment

To adjust the point at which your shade will stop when raised, first identify the AutoStop™ dial – it may be on either end depending upon your shade configuration. The AutoStop™ dial is GRAY in color. Turn the dial clockwise to lower the set point, and turn the dial counter-clockwise to raise the set point.

GlideRise IV™ Speed Adjustment

To adjust the shade ascent speed, use the dial that is BLACK in color, this is the Speed Adjustment dial. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the spring tension and ascent speed and turn it counterclockwise to decrease the speed.

Test your shade after each 1-2 dial revolutions by lowering and raising the shade as normal.

Your shades were already set to the ideal speed at the factory, so they shouldn’t require any adjustment. However, minor increases or decreases are easily made with the external adjustment dial.

Caution: Over tensioning may cause the shade to stick to its upper limit. If you have to “break loose” the shade to lower it, the tension is too high. Release tension until the shade can be easily lowered without having to break it loose, yet allowing it to fully retract.

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