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All Born Free models now feature MCD Window Shade Products

Born Free Motorcoach manufactures Class C RV’s utilizing an aerodynamic molded fiberglass body that is easy to maneuver and drives much like a van. Born Free began installing MCD shades in some of their production RV’s back in August of 2009. In 2010, the company began to offer MCD American Duo® Day/Night Shades in more and more units.

For 2011, MCD shade technology is in ALL Born Free RV’s further enhancing the innovations and quality Born Free is known for. The American Duo® Shades are featured throughout the house portion of all Born Free Motorcoaches.

To learn more about the benefits and features of MCD shade technology, take a look at the American Duo product section on the MCD website.

Born Free Motorcoach History

Founded in 1947 by John, Joe, and Jack Dodgen, Dodgen Industries, Inc. became known for manufacturing feed and grain handling equipment. The company diversified in 1969 and designed a slide-in camper with a tag-axle which allowed standard pickup trucks to carry larger and heavier campers. During the early 1970's, the company expanded its position in the recreational vehicle industry with the introduction of its first "Born Free Motorcoach" class C motorhome.

Born Free Motorcoach, a division of Dodgen Industries, Inc. located in Humboldt, Iowa is a factory-direct manufacturer of high-end Class C motorhomes ranging from 20' to 32' in length, as well as a broad range of specialty vehicles used for commercial purposes. Dodgen Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Born Free Motorcoaches for 41 years and operates factory-direct sales lots in Iowa and Florida. Born Free Motorcoaches are offered in a variety of floor plans ranging from 20' to 32' in length and are available on Ford or GM chassis.

Highly skilled and loyal employees working in small teams ensure each vehicle is built with quality. Born Free Motorcoach is not built on an assembly line; rather, a four-person team receives sub-assemblies and components from other parts of the operation and completes the final assembly of the Born Free Motorcoach.

The durable construction, reliability and superior drivability of vehicles manufactured by Dodgen Industries, Inc. have contributed to their unique claim of not having a single fatality or serious injury in 41 years.

If you want to learn more, please take a look at the Born Free Motorcoach website.

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