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Foretravel Features MCD American Duo® Day/Night Power Shades

Featured OEM Customer - Foretravel Motorcoach, Nacogdoches, TX

Foretravel Motorcoach, a renowned motorhome manufacturer, has selected the MCD Innovations American Duo® Day Night Power Shade system for their Nimbus and Phoenix models. The MCD product line enhances the stylish interior of Foretravel’s line of motorcoaches and compliments their high standard of excellence.

All MCD powered house shades use a remote control to raise or lower either the day or night roller shade. Shades can be grouped to one remote button to allow all the night or day shades to function as a unit for “all day” or “all night” up and down operations. This is very convenient for closing or opening all the shades in the coach with the push of one button. Of course, all the shades can be controlled individually as well.

MCD windshield shades are push-button operated from the cockpit and the driver/passenger windows are operated with small, two channel remote control pads. Unique to MCD, windshield shades house DualRange™ motors that have different set points for operating with the ignition key on and off, adding a safety factor when bringing the shades down when driving. You cannot lower the shades beyond a set safe vision point on the windshield.

The ease of operation, modern styling and superior UV and heat protection of the MCD shades coupled with the fact that MCD products are made in the USA solidified the relationship between these two companies. Foretravel has always been innovative and forward thinking and the implementation of the MCD shade system into their coaches proves this fact. New coach owners will experience the difference MCD shades can make in their motorhome.

For more information on MCD Day/Night Shades, powered or manual, or any MCD product, call 800.804.1757, or Contact MCD.

Foretravel's History

(The following history excerpts are taken from the Foretravel Motorcoach website,

The business of building motorhomes came about not due to planning by the Fores, but by the traveling, they did in their self-built motorhome.

From that modest beginning in 1967 with the 29’ “Speedy Marie” motorhome produced in the backyard of C.M. & Marie Fore, Foretravel continued to set the standard. Weathering the oil embargos of the early 1970’s Foretravel introduced the first diesel-powered motorhome in 1974.

With the aerodynamic structure, the Fores wanted even more for their customers, so together they developed the first uni-bodied chassis in 1986 and the Unihome was introduced. In 1995 the Unicoach was born. A bus-type-look with a front entry, all the amenities, a big engine and the Allison World 6 Transmission. Foretravel produced their first slide out in 1999 and today offers several floor plans with various slide-out configurations. In 2005, a new ownership team began to add new designs and standards to the Foretravel legend and legacy. This continuing dedication to excellence culminated in the introduction of the IH luxury motorcoach. This up-scale flagship of the Foretravel family of coaches represented a complete re-design and update of the Foretravel brand. Many new technological features and modern conveniences of interest to the premium motorcoach purchaser were added, while still maintaining the Company's focus on "fit and finish," "ride and handling" and "customer service."

Their renewed enthusiasm has spread to the employees, suppliers, and dealers, enhancing the company’s reputation for offering one of the best motorcoaches available and ensuring an exciting future for the Foretravel line.

Since 1967, Foretravel Motorcoach has crafted exceptional motorcoaches using technological innovation to develop luxurious comfort and styling. Foretravel has come to be known as the industry trendsetter and finest producer of luxury motorcoaches in the world. No other motorcoach company can compare to the craftsmanship and quality of Foretravel’s fit and finish, ride and handling and customer service.

Located in Nacogdoches, the "Oldest Town in Texas," we are just a short drive from the airports in Houston, Dallas, and Shreveport.

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