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The following history excerpts are from the Winnebago Industries website

Winnebago History

In the mid-1950s Forest City, Iowa was looking at a bleak future. The farm economy was down and young people were leaving that area of Iowa. Forward-looking members of the community set about bringing industry to town. In 1958, businessman John K. Hanson and others convinced a California company to open a travel trailer factory in Forest City. After a rough start, the operation was purchased by five Forest City residents and John K. Hanson became president. In 1960 the name of the company was changed to Winnebago Industries.

In 1966 the first motorhome rolled off the Winnebago Industries assembly lines. Through the use of the assembly line and other manufacturing innovations in the motorhome industry, Winnebago Industries could produce a motorhome that sold for half the price of competitors’ models.

Winnebago respects their roots and legacy of success, and don't rest on them. They work to understand the customers’ unmet needs and develop solutions and an experience that creates lifelong advocates. As well as strive to develop the best talent possible and enable a culture of servant leadership. Winnebago embraces thoughtful change in order to compete effectively and deliver market leadership as well as superior profitability.

Further, Winnebago works strategically with various channel partners in order to help them succeed mutual end-customers’ expectations. They will continue to build a highly respected brand within the RV industry.

Much has changed since the first recreational vehicles were produced in the American heartland of Forest City, Iowa, by Winnebago Industries more than 50 years ago. But much also remains the same. The Winnebago Industries commitment to providing high quality, great value, efficient design and eye-catching style in motorhomes remains the driving force in Forest City, Iowa.

MCD Provides Winnebago Industries Day/Night Shade

2010 is another year of growth as MCD Innovations provides their advanced American Duo® and American Solo Shade systems for most of the popular Winnebago Industries product line. Now, what once was an aftermarket product, is a standard feature on Class A, B, and C Winnebago offerings.

These highly sought after shade products keep the damaging rays of the sun out of your RV while providing a cooler interior allowing your air conditioning system to work more effectively. Another benefit of the daytime shades is their ability to virtually black out your exterior windows so a passerby cannot see in, while those on the inside have almost 100 percent visibility to their outside surroundings!

Do you have an older Winnebago without MCD Innovation shades? Now your RV can have all the benefits that the new Winnebago’s have by retrofitting it with modern MCD Shades. Contact MCD Innovations or any of our authorized dealers. You will see and feel the difference with new American Duo or American Solo Shades in your RV.

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