Windshield-Cockpit Shade Video

The MCD American Series Windshield Shade is a state-of-the-art system that is designed to be used as a full side-to-side visor while you are driving and complete coverage while you are parked. The Dual-Range™ safety feature allows for you to have separate ignition ON and OFF set limits.

Full-Length Side-to-Side Sun Visor:

With the ignition key ON both the day and night shades can be programmed so they cannot be lowered past your line of sight while driving, so you can use the shades as a full-length sun visor.

  • Day Shade – Use to reduce glare
  • Night Shade – Use for total sun blockage
Complete Privacy and Heat/UV Protection:

With the ignition key OFF both day and night roller shades can be lowered all the way to the dash for complete coverage.

  • Day Shade – Provides privacy along with excellent outward vision and heat control during the day
  • Night Shade – Provides complete privacy during the day or at night

All Day/Night Roller Shade Systems including the Windshield Shades are produced with the MCD Clearview II™ Solar Screen which provides ultimate heat and UV protection, excellent daytime privacy, and superior outward daytime visibility. The night shade is comprised of 100% privacy/light blocking materials and is available in a variety of styles and colors.

Enjoy all the advantages of the American Series Day/Night Roller Shades for the Driver, Passenger, and Door windows; available in manual, remote or switch power, or manual/power combinations.

Here's a look at the MCD Windshield/Cockpit Roller Shade Video

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