How to Switch Out A Spring & AutoStop

For these directions we will proceed with changing out an AutoStop™, the procedure is the same for the Spring.

To change the AutoStop™ you must remove the shade assembly from the mounting clips and then remove the L bracket on the side of the shade that has the Gray wheel. Loosen the Allen screw located on the top of the L bracket and slide it off. The roller tube adjusters are attached to the bracket and they will pull out of the tubes. DO NOT take the screws out of the brackets, as they keep the adjusters on.

With the roller tube out of the bracket, unroll the shade material until you see where it is connected to the aluminum tube. Peel back the shade material off the black end of the AutoStop™ that is sticking out of the tube. Normally you only need to peel the shade material back about 1/4”. Extract the old AutoStop™ straight out of the roller tube. NOTE: the AutoStop™ is on the inside keyway in the tube as you remove it. Get the new AutoStop™ and push the new AutoStop™ in the tube the same way the old one came out. Re-roll the shade material onto the tube and stop it about where you want it to hang when it is mounted in the valance. You can now put the L bracket back into the upper track and align the tabs which are on the roller tubes with the adjusters and slide the bracket into the track and the tubes. Be sure there is about 1/16” of side to side play in the tubes after you tighten the Allen screw to hold the L bracket. This will prevent the tubes from binding.

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