How to swap out a New (2017) Motor

MCD Innovations is the premier RV Roller Shades manufacturer in the United States, designed and built to be the very BEST. In this video, our lead installer, Calvin shows you how to swap out a motor on your new MCD remote controlled RV Roller Shade. MCD Black Pearl® roller shades motors have a patent-pending Sentry® early warning low voltage alert function. If voltage starts to drop in the coach/unit, the motor will give an early warning that the voltage is lower than it should be. Set limits will not be lost or changed due to voltage variations.

As you are removing the defective motor, note how the cutout in the motor drive wheel is inserted in the roller extrusion, similar to a keyway. The new motor must be reinserted in this same manner. Insert the new motor into the roller tube. Slide the “L” bracket into the upper track. Replace the 4 small screws in the motor assemblies to hold them to the “L” bracket.

Switching out your remote controlled motor is the main way to fix a variety of problems with your remote controlled motor, such as motor running but stopping every couple of inches. As well as a completely unresponsive motor, and clicking noises whenever the motor is operated.

Please see our Owners Manual for more information on switching out the shades motor.

This video is also available on YouTube click here to view.

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