Mounting Clips

MCD Innovations is the premier RV Roller Shades manufacturer in the United States, our shades are designed and built to be the BEST. In this video, our installer, Calvin, shows you the ease of installing the shade into our mounting bracket system. It's as easy as pushing the shades into the metal mounting clips.

Remove the shade by pushing the tabs on the clips up along the shade upper track. A flat bladed screwdriver may be necessary to push the tabs up. The tabs should be facing the inside of the coach in most installations. You could have 2-5 clips for the shade, depending on how wide it is. Keep in mind, to put the shade assembly back up you must put the assembly into the backside of the clip first (toward the wall of the coach) and then push the assembly track up until the track snaps into each clip.

In order to put the shade back into the mounting clips hold the assembly up to the clips, be sure it is centered in the window area and put the back end of the track into the clips and push up on the front of the track near each clip to snap it into place. A flat-bladed screwdriver can be used to carefully push on the track if necessary. Be sure the shade material is not binding on the valance and, if all is okay, you can now test the operation of the shades.

This video is posted on youtube and can be viewed on the website or on YouTube.

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