How to Disassemble MCD Shades

MCD Innovations is the premier RV Roller Shades manufacturer in the United States, our shades are designed and built to be the BEST. In this video, our lead installer, Calvin shows you how to disassemble your MCD Shades so you can change out the components.

Remove the 4 small screws (2 per motor) mounting both motors to the “L” bracket. Loosen the Allen screw(s) at the top of the “L” bracket which holds the bracket to the mounting track on the motor side of the assembly, and slowly slide the “L” bracket off the track.

Then once you are done replace the 4 small screws in the motor assemblies to hold them to the “L” bracket. Allow a very slight amount of free play for the roller tubes to rotate freely (about 1/16”) and tighten the “L” bracket Allen screw(s) until you see a distinct bulge on the bottom side of the upper track.

Disassembling a shade will come in handy if you have any problems with the AutoStop™ feature or the Springs. See more information here on what to do after you have disassembled your MCD RV Roller Shades.

This video is also available on YouTube, please click here to view.

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